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Stop funding delays in credit card processing

Stop Funding Delays in Credit Card Processing

One of the great things about credit card processing is that funds are deposited into your bank account within one or two days without having to go to the bank. Everything is digital. However, not all payment processors are equal. Some do same day or next day funding, like Clearly Payments, and some payment processors take a week to put

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Payment processing in Canada with Clearly Payments
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Payment Processing in Canada

Payment processing is very geographical. Each country has its own regulations with their own banking system. In Canada, any payment processor that offers a merchant

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Small Business Payment Processing with Clearly Payments
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Small Business Payment Processing

Small businesses make up 85% of all businesses in Canada. They are the foundation of our economy. It’s so important that small businesses get reliable

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EMV Payment Terminal with Clearly Payments
How Payments Work

What is EMV in Payment Processing?

EMV is a secure payment technology standard that is used worldwide. EMV is managed by a handful of credit card networks: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB,

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Best WordPress Plugin for Payments
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WordPress payment plugin

WordPress is the most popular platform to manage content on websites. If you’ve chosen WordPress, you’re in good hands. Hundreds of millions of other websites

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