Lower your credit card

processing fees

Our customers tell us we’re the best payment processor they have worked with. We get it. We work hard at being one of the good ones.

The top payment processing in Canada where we reduce the cost for merchants to accept credit cards. Period.

We provide a merchant account so you can accept credit card payments in your store or office with credit card machines, in the field with mobile payments, or on your website or software with online payments. Clearly Payments has you covered with the lowest fee merchant account. Learn more about our mission to offer the lowest credit card processing fees.

Payment Solutions

Using an iPad POS system makes it simple

In-Store & Office Payments

Clearly Payments has solutions for retail, restaurants, offices, and services businesses.

Our carefully selected line of payment terminals and point-of-sale systems allow you to easily and securely process payments. They are incredibly easy for staff to learn and there is 24/7 customer support always at your side.

Online Payments, eCommerce, & Integrations

Whether your customers shop via desktop, smartphone, or tablet, our internet payment solutions enhance your customers’ experience while minimizing your risk and improving cash flow.

This effective eCommerce solution lets you easily integrate into your website or software while leveraging features such as recurring payments, invoicing and much more.

EMV Payment Terminal with Clearly Payments

Mobile Payments

While being mobile, you can use either a dedicated mobile credit card machine or a mobile payment app directly on your smart phone.

Both are fast and secure. They support swipe, EMV chip & PIN, tap, and Apple Pay. Your funds are then deposited into your bank the same day or next day.

Payment Processing Products

Clearly Payments saved us money with low payment processing fees and helped us along the way. I thought we had good rates until I switched my merchant account. Thankfully I was up and running within 2 days. Everything worked wonderfully.

Kurtis B, CEO, Red Ram

Why Us?

Why are so many people switching
to Clearly Payments?

Our vision is to be the friendliest and best payment processor on Earth.  We believe that the cost to accept credit card payments is too high. Our mission is to drive down those costs, eventually to zero. That will help us become the best credit card processor. 

The lowest payment processing fees. Period.

We pass interchange fees at wholesale and use transparent pricing models. Our low cost structure allows us to pass those incredible savings to customers.

No locked-in contracts. Ever.

We earn our customers’ trust with every transaction and interaction. No need for binding contracts and needless cancellation fees.

Full transparency. Always.

We chose the name Clearly Payments for a reason. No hidden fees, no complicated terms. We believe in radical honesty and transparency.

Your funds are deposited in less than a day

We offer super fast deposits (same day funding) and can get you signed up and onboarded as soon as within a couple of hours.

Payment technology that simply works

Our payment technology and credit card machines from world class payment providers complete more than 3 billion transactions per year with over one million merchants. It’s proven, secure, and it simply works.

A membership plan with wholesale rates

We are one of the first payment processors to offer a simple membership pricing model or you can choose our simple, affordable cost plus pricing. Either way, you save.

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We believe businesses are paying too much. Join the mission to get the lowest payment processing fees.

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