Become A Payments Ambassador and Build Passive Income

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. As a Payments Ambassador, you make money while helping businesses save and grow. Together, we help them get the lowest cost and best payment processing.

How it works

Easily earn compounding monthly passive income while helping businesses

Ambassador mission

Your mission is to help businesses save money so they can grow. It's that simple. These can be businesses you know or new connections you proactively make. You can feel good that your are helping local businesses.

What you do

Provide us with a warm email introduction to a business that wants to save money with payment processing. That's it. Then we take it from there. We also provide you with training along the way.

How you get paid

After we turn your introduction into a customer, we send you a flat referral fee. After 10 customers, you start to get a percentage of revenue as monthly passive income. The more your customers process, the more money you get.

How Clearly Payments offers the lowest price

We are Canadian and we were built to be the cheapest way to accept credit cards in Canada.
We are certified by Visa and MasterCard and we have access to wholesale rates. We are
payment experts with modern, virtual teams. Our cost structures are much lower than
traditional payment companies. We pass on all those savings to customers. Our corporate
culture revolves around our mission to drive the cost of payments to zero.

Why your referral would want to use Clearly Payments

  • Lowest prices and no locked in contracts. Period.

    We will not take on a customer unless we save them money. Our credit card processing rates are the lowest. Period. We are a new type of processor that keeps our cost structure low, so we can pass on all those savings to businesses.

  • Fast funding within a day

    We send funds from credit card transactions to the business' bank account really fast, in less than one day. Typical payment processors will take 2 to 7 days before a merchant actually gets the money.

  • Proven technology from our partners

    We have partnered with the best payment technology providers in the world. Brands like Costco, The Body Shop, and more use the exact same technology. More than a million businesses use this technology. It's proven.

  • Super friendly

    We aim to be the friendliest payment processor on Earth. Your referrals will feel no pressure. They will feel like they had a breath of fresh air as we help them learn about how to make their payments better.

Our culture is all about helping businesses save money and low pressure

Company culture is about values and attitudes of employees in the business. A culture contributes to achieving a great business, but it can also hinder it. Culture is the only truly unique aspect of a business – products, branding, and services can be replicated. Culture is a complex formula, like DNA. That’s why we put so much effort towards it.

We believe that culture is the collection of values, behaviours, and incentives of an organization. Working within an organization with a strong culture will help you be more successful.

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