Why Clearly Payments?

A different kind of payment processor

Radical transparency, super friendly and the lowest payment processing rates. Our mission is to drive down the cost for merchants to accept payments, eventually to zero.

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It can be a jungle out there in the payments world and it’s not easy for merchants to know who they can trust.

Clearly Payments is charting a new path. We are something different. A new way to experience payments. It’s time to say goodbye to paying too much for accepting payments, to bad service, to a lack of transparency and to complex and confusing options.

Lowest Cost

Most merchants are paying way too much for their payment processing, often 3% to 6% of sales. We are the lowest cost payment processor.

Full Transparency

There is still a significant lack of transparency in the payments industry. Hidden fees, cancellation fees, and broken promises. We are fully transparent.


Statements that are impossible to read with complex technology and pricing makes things tough. We simplify payment processing by taking care of it for you.

Friendliest Service

Being treated like numbers with long waits to talk to customer service is common in payments. We pride ourselves on being the friendliest payment processor.

Clearly Payments is something special. We’ve worked with a lot of payment companies in the past and we’ve never worked with a friendlier, more customer focused processor before. On top of how great they’ve been to work with, they have helped us save thousands of dollars per year in processing costs.

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Clearly Payments is driving the cost of accepting payments down

Our mission is to drive the cost of accepting payments down to as close to zero as possible. We offer the best price. Period. Whether it’s our flat membership fee pricing model or our cost plus pricing model you’ll pay less and make more.
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Transparency, it’s practically in our name!

One of our core values is radical transparency. And when we say transparency we mean it. We even publish details on our operational costs like salaries and overhead. We don’t just tell you that we believe in transparency, we show you! Oh and did we mention that we don’t have cancellation fees! No made up hidden fees either. Just simple, clear and predictable pricing.

No locked-in contracts

We don’t believe in locked-in contracts, so no fine print to worry about. Our processing technology is really simple to use and helps you take payments any way you want. We’ll help you get set up and make sure you have all the tools and training you need. We remove the friction of taking payments so you can focus on what matters – your business and your customers.
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Have we mentioned that we are the friendliest payment processor on earth?

One of the most important values we hold is friendliness. To each other, our customers and our partners. Customer experience is all that really matters and we put it in front of pretty much everything else (well that and the best pricing possible).
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If you’re ready for a new way to accept payments, reach out today!

Not only is Clearly Payments the friendliest payment processor on earth (we think maybe even the friendliest company on earth) but we are on a mission to drive the cost of accepting payments down. Simple, predictable and transparent pricing and amazing friendly service. Yes, please!

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