Enterprise Payment Processing and Merchant Services

Scalable and secure solutions for online payments, physical storefronts & offices, field services, and in-house payments

Built for enterprises and global needs

High Scalability

Clearly Payments technology and services conduct 5.5 billion transactions and $450 billion dollars per year

International Support

Our technology is used by more than 1.1 million customers in over 30 countries, supporting over 60 currencies

Strong Backing

We are backed by the fifth-largest commercial bank in North America and one of the world’s most ethical companies

Payments for any sales channel giving an omni-commerce experience

A full set of payment processing methods including online payments, invoicing, payment terminals, mobile payments, phone and IVR payments, integrations, and more. All connected in one enterprise payment platform with deep data management and analytics.

Omni commerce payments with Clearly Payments

Online payments, eCommerce & integrations

Credit Card Terminals

POS Systems

Mobile Payments

Virtual Terminals

Invoicing & Payment Pages

Recurring Payments & Subscription Billing

Enterprise Merchant Account

Our systems are conducting over 5.5 billion transactions and $450 billion dollars in credit card processing per year

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Cutting edge payment innovation that is pushing technical boundaries

Clearly Payments is continually evolving its products and payment technology portfolio. Contactless payments, eCommerce, digital currency, and new customer experiences are some of the areas we are innovating.

Complete system integration and interoperability of payments drives efficiency and streamlines operations

Seamlessly integrate payment processing across your locations and into your business software, IT infrastructure, and technology stack. Customize a payment solution to meet your enterprise needs with open APIs and a full set of integration partners.

Start generating a payment revenue stream with in-house payments

A complete solution for businesses to generate revenue with payments by bringing it in-house. Pick and choose the areas to bring in-house or outsource to us, including merchant boarding, underwriting & risk, billing, statements, and customer support.

Control and lower your enterprise payment processing costs

Flexible payment pricing models that bring the lowest cost enterprise payment processing allowing you to maximize revenue and minimize costs.

Interchange Plus

Interchange plus pricing can help optimize your fees so your enterprise is paying less.

Flat Fee

Bring certainty to you or your customers with flat-fee pricing no matter which credit card is used.


The optimal solution for scaling businesses. Pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of your processing volume.

Mission critical, 24/7 support services and terminal exchanges

Enterprises need highly available and global support systems. We have a large merchant services team of specialized business and technical support services that will keep your payment systems running.

World class security, fraud detection, and PCI management

We ensure your payment data is secure. Our payments security solutions defend sensitive credit card data with three layers: EMV, encryption, and tokenization. We authenticate cardholder identity and make data useless to fraudsters. We reduce your time spent on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
Payment security with Clearly Payments

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