Merchant account that makes a difference

Where you get a merchant account makes all the difference to your business

Not all merchant account providers are the same. We go the extra mile and proactively help you to improve billing practices, avoid mistakes, lower fees and increase security. All this from the friendliest payment processor on Earth.

Accept these credit cards with Clearly Payments merchant account.

Merchant account features

  • Funds go directly into your bank on the same or next day
  • Accept credit cards from anywhere in the world
  • Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, China Union Pay, Diners, & JCB
  • Supports payments in over 30 different currencies
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) and CVV (security code)
  • Credit card verification to ensure cards are active and valid
  • Comprehensive transaction and settlement reporting

Ways you can accept payments

  • Retail at the counter or roaming register
  • eCommerce payments
  • Recurring billing and SaaS
  • Restaurant and pay-at-the-table
  • Payments over the phone
  • Integration into software and mobile apps
  • Back office payments
  • Mobile payments via Android and Apple

Merchant account and risk

A merchant account is like to a line of credit for a business. If a merchant has a product problem and cardholders complain which results in them getting their money back (i.e. a chargeback),  the merchant account provider is liable for that credit. This is why risk is a key concern for payment processors. The way merchants bill their customers is a top way to determine risk level:

Clearly Payments works with all the above, but it takes a little more time and details for us to get it right so we both win.

Read more about merchant account risk & underwriting and reserves or account closure.

What it takes to get started

  1. Complete an application (get started here)
  2. Have a void check or bank letter ready
  3. If you’re switching from another provider, have 3 months of processing statements
  4. Approval typically takes 1 business day once we have all information

Industries we support

We provide merchant services for nearly all industries, with a few exceptions, including adult, gaming, liquor, online dating, debt consolidation, credit repair, and bankruptcy attorneys, for example.

Stop paying 2.9% or more. Join our mission to reduce credit card processing fees.

Clearly Payments offers a one-stop-shop for a merchant account and credit card processing. We’ll get you up and running in less than 24 hours.