eCommerce, Integrations, and Online Payments

Online payments software, websites, and apps

A complete payment platform and payment gateway for online payments to bill customers whether you want to set up recurring payments, create a marketplace, or simply accept credit card payments. A global platform to support online and in-person payments.


Designed to integrate quickly, take care of any security concerns, and reduce cost


Ease of integration

We want to make integrating with Clearly Payments as easy as possible, so we have built our client libraries in multiple languages.


Reporting and Analytics

Real time reporting of all transaction data and profiles. Access our reporting suite or create your own reports with our APIs.


PCI Compliance

We ensure that card data does not touch your environment, so your compliance scope is dramatically reduced.


Reduce fraud

We manage a suite of systems to ensure you are safe. This includes systems such as AVS and CVV checks.

Credit card

Credit card storage

You’re able to store customer profiles with multiple credit cards creating an amazing eCommerce or mobile app experience.

We have integrations and plugins with dozens of shopping carts, eCommerce platforms, accounting tools, and other systems.

A full set of APIs that give all the functionality you need for integrating online payments. This means single payments, recurring payments, payment instalment plans, sending invoices, credit card storage, and more.

Full hosted payment page by Clearly Payments

Hosted payment pages built right into the gateway

Many features built right into the gateway. A hosted payment page tool allows you to quickly get online payments set up for your software or website with multiple integration methods from no-code installs to JavaScript, Lightbox, and XML APIs.

Easily integrate credit card terminals to your software

We make it easy for your software to communicate with payment terminals. Send payment amounts along with other custom fields directly to the payment terminal. Once the payment is made by the customer, transaction information is sent back to your software.

Ingenico Desk 5000 credit card terminal

Payment Gateway Feature Highlights

We help make things simple and secure, while doing less work. No locked-in contracts and no hidden fees.

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Start saving with online credit card processing. No merchant should be paying 2.9%.

eCommerce contributes more than half of total retail sales. Take advantage of online shopping and give your customers the convenient, secure and flexible online payment options they expect.