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Point-of-Sale System

State of the Art Point-of-Sale Systems

The best point-of-sale (POS) systems along with payment processing that is built for retail, restaurants, or services businesses. 

Clover Point-of-Sale

Clover is an all‑in‑one system that you can quickly set up, take payments, track sales, manage employees, and run your business.

Talech Point-of-Sale

Talech POS system allows you to create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory and view sales online with just a few taps.


Built for speed, reliability, and a fantastic customer experience


A simple POS that's easy to learn

The Clearly Payments POS systems are designed to make it easy for your employees and team to set up and learn quickly.

Delightful checkout experience

A fast and seamless checkout means happy customers. Take any payment with contactless, chip-and-pin, swipe, or mobile payments.


Easily manage your inventory

Track inventory in real time. Use variations to create hundreds of combinations. Set up alerts so it’s easy to re-order when inventory is low.


Full reporting and analytics

Real-time POS reporting of all sales and transaction data. Get insight on your revenue, items, employees, and growth metrics.

Credit card

Customer credit card storage

You’re able to store customer profiles with multiple credit cards making it easy for repeat customers to pay.


A fully EMV and PCI compliant POS. This means higher security and lower payment processing fees.

Your funds get deposited directly into your bank account in less than 24 hours, increasing your cash flow

You can use your existing business bank account from any bank or credit union. Funds are directly deposited, whether your funds are in USD or Canadian currency.

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Learn more about the best POS system with low cost credit card processing.

The best point-of-sale system is easy to learn, customizes to your business, and provides a fast checkout experience for your customers.