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Supercharge your platform with integrated payments

By integrating payment processing into your platform you will guarantee your customers the lowest processing rates available through a one stop shop experience they will love.
Today more than ever it’s all about user experience. With our API your customers will be able to enjoy a frictionless and seamless payments experience that matches their experience using your platform.

We make integrating with Clearly Payments as easy as possible

Add a robust payment processing solution to your app or software, complete with customer management, inventory tracking, invoicing, recurring billing, and more. Extending the capabilities of your platform has never been easier.
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Go even further with traditional terminal integrations

We also empower your customers to accept credit, debit, and mobile payments with a selection of our Traditional Terminals — allowing them to accept payments any way their clients want to pay.


Be more things to your customers



We have a reporting suite for you to use or you can access it through APIs allowing you to create your own reporting tools.


Extend your value proposition for your customers. Help them make it easier to get paid and make more for your business at the same time.

Transparent pricing options

Customers can choose between our Membership style or our cost plus pricing models. Both models ensure that merchants get incredible rates.
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Make more revenue and make your customers happier. Power up your platform with integrated payments from Clearly Payments.