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Clearly Payments Mobile

The Clearly Payments mobile payment app, called Converge, sets you up with either a mobile swiper or chip-and-pin device (iCMP). Both are fast and secure to turn your phone into a credit card terminal.

If you prefer not to have a swiper attachment, you can manually enter credit cards into the mobile app. Your funds are deposited into your bank the same day or next day.

Chip-and-pin and debit payments with Ingenico iCMP

The optional Ingenico iCMP device connects to any smart phone with bluetooth and allows you to take chip-and-pin, tap (i.e. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay), swipe, and even Interac debit transactions. This means full mobility while keeping your rates incredibly low. This is a fully secure, EMV certified device ready to keep sensitive data safe. Watch a video on how to make a payment with the iCMP.

iCMP mobile payments with Clearly Payments

Mobile credit card swiper for speedy transactions

The optional mobile card reader attachment makes swiping a card fast and easy. Use this if you don’t want to manually enter credit card numbers. This reader connects to your smart phone or tablet by plugging it into the audio jack. Credit card data is fully encrypted and never stored on the device for enhanced security.

MagTek aDynamo mobile card reader from Clearly Payments

Real time transaction reporting

A single platform that holds all your payment information, transactions, and customers. Make smarter business decisions with this data at your fingertips. All transactions are real-time and you can view and manage all your transactions.

Real time mobile transactions with Clearly Payments

Customized email receipts for your brand

Email receipts are customizable to your branding and allow you to connect with your customers and promote feedback, future events, rewards, and sales. After a transaction, email receipts go to your customers inbox or you can print them using bluetooth printer.

Mobile Payments Signature - Clearly Payments

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Clearly Payments offers a one-stop-shop for a merchant account and credit card processing. We’ll get you up and running in less than 24 hours.