Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payment processing that simply works

Our mobile payment app lets you take payments on the go with your iPhone, iPad or Android smart-phone or tablet.

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Mobile Payments

Converge mobile payment app

Mobile payment app lets you take payments anywhere your phone is

The Clearly Payments mobile payment app sets you up with either a mobile swiper or chip-and-pin device (iCMP). Both are fast and secure to turn your device into a credit card terminal.

If you prefer not to have a swiper attachment, you can manually enter credit cards into the mobile app. Your funds are deposited into your bank the same day or next day.

The optional mobile payment terminal connects to your mobile phone over bluetooth

The Ingenico iCMP mobile payment terminal is a fast and secure way to turn your mobile phone into a payment terminal. It supports all the payment functionality of a traditional payment terminal. This means accepting credit cards with contactless payments (i.e. tap-to-pay), swipe, or chip-and-pin. You can accept debit cards (i.e. Interac or Visa Debit) or any credit card globally.

Ingenico iCMP mobile payment terminal

Ingenico iCMP

The optional mobile payment reader lets you swipe credit cards with ease

The credit card swiper plugs into your mobile phone audio jack so you can easily swipe credit cards. There is no battery needed so you can continue to take payments with your phone. This is a convenient and inexpensive way to take payments quickly.

MagTek aDynamo Mobile Payment Card Reader

MakTek aDynamo Credit Card Swiper

Funds from mobile payments get deposited directly into your bank account in less than one day

With the mobile app, you can use your existing bank account from any bank or credit union. Funds are directly deposited, whether your funds are in U.S. or Canadian currency.


Save money and time with Clearly Payments mobile payments

Mobile payments are popular with both merchants and consumers for the ease and versatility they bring to the payment experience. From Apple Pay® at the counter, payment at the table, and even payments prompted by text or email, today’s landscape offers a variety of options. A mobile POS system creates an easier experience for consumers by allowing merchants to accept payments away from traditional counter, cash register, or brick-and-mortar systems. We enable this ease of transaction between merchant and customer with our mobile payment solutions.
Get paid

Lowest Rates. Period.

By using the card-readers, you speed up your transactions and take advantage of the lower Visa and MasterCard “card-present” rates.


Store Customer Profiles

You can easily and securely store customer profiles or credit card numbers for repeat buyers. 


Safety & Security

Mobile payments are EMV and PCI compliance certified. All data is encrypted and tokenized keeping mobile payment transactions secure.


Custom Email Receipts

Email receipts are customizable to your branding and allow you to connect with your customers and promote feedback.

History recurring

Real Time Reporting

A single platform that holds all your payment information, transactions, and customers.


Contactless Payments

Just tap your credit card or mobile phone with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Fast and easy mobile payments are simple.

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Get the lowest mobile payment processing rates with Clearly Payments

On-the-go mobile payment processing lets you take your business wherever and whenever your customers want to buy. With Clearly Payments Mobile you can accept payments via compatible mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, so your customers can easily pay at the counter, during pop-up sales and on the road.