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We provide businesses with seamless payment processing.

Clearly Payments provides businesses with a seamless payment processing experience through our all-in-one solution that includes payment software, hardware, and services. Our comprehensive solution covers credit card, debit, gift card, and other types of payment processing to ensure that our clients have access to all the necessary tools to run their businesses smoothly.

We specialize in helping medium to large-sized merchants in streamlining their payment processes. We also support software vendors to integrate payments into their applications: SaaS, mobile apps, platforms, eCommerce, or other forms of digital technology. Additionally, we help organizations create new payment revenue streams by facilitating in-house payments.

The Clearly Payments vision is a world where payments are immediate, borderless, and frictionless.

At Clearly Payments, we envision a world where payments are seamless, borderless, and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to create a future where payments are immediate, global, and frictionless for businesses and consumers alike. We believe that by eliminating barriers and simplifying the payment process, we can enable greater financial empowerment and drive economic growth on a global scale.

Our mission is to turn payments into a world-class service with transparent fees. Period.

At Clearly Payments, we’re committed to revolutionizing the payment industry by challenging the status quo and offering a more transparent and cost-effective payment solution. We’re determined to disrupt the traditional credit card processing model by providing complete transparency on our operations. This is making traditional credit card processors nervous: change.

Our radical transparency model is the first of its kind in the industry, and it’s something we believe the payment processing industry desperately needs. We don’t think it’s fair for anyone to pay exorbitant merchant fees of 2.9% or more and wait days to access their funds. 

How we're Doing it

Our first step in the plan is to build a payment processor with an incredibly low cost structure. That takes innovation, so we need strong corporate culture which is a big focus of ours. We keep costs low with:

We leverage virtual teams and cloud software with a metrics-driven culture to operate our business

We work with the best and lowest cost payment technology providers in the world

We keep customer acquisition costs low through communities, word-of-mouth, and partnerships.

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Our low cost structure allows us to pass on the savings to merchants to cut their costs. We are growing on this front, making merchants happy and saving them money every day. 

We’ve set it up so even our partners cannot price as low as we do. However, the lifetime value of our customers is just as high as other credit card processors because customers do not leave Clearly Payments. It’s crazy to think that the payment industry typically sees 30% customer churn per year. We have low customer churn because we offer fantastic payment processing services and competitors cannot undercut our pricing. This is how we are competing today. 

Our second step, which is happening in parallel, will take more time. This is the move to digital currency technology. In time, this will create a drastic drop in the cost for merchants. This is longer term because it changes the behaviour of both consumers and merchants. The world is moving this way and it will make the transfer of money cheap, immediate, and global.

We’re working to build an exceptional company that is loved by our customers and employees, being guided by strong values and working principles.

Our Story

The concept of Clearly Payments started in 2017. As payment and technology experts based in Vancouver, Canada, we have a rich history in financial technology. Through our own experiences and interactions with merchants, software companies, and organizations, we understand the challenges they face with payments. We believe that two of the largest problems in payments are exorbitant fees and a lack of transparency in how payments work. That’s why we launched Clearly Payments – to address these issues and become the most customer-centric payment processor on Earth.

Clearly Payments brings extensive operational expertise in revenue growth, product development, and finance, positioning us perfectly to achieve our vision of a world where payments are immediate, global, and frictionless. We’ve gained valuable insight from our successes and failures in growing businesses and leading teams, which make us well-equipped to help our customers.

However, what truly unites us goes beyond our aligned vision and skillset. We’re building a values-based organization that prioritizes customers over everything else. Our values serve as the foundation for our journey, which may evolve as we grow, but our commitment to them remains constant. At Clearly Payments, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the payment industry, one happy customer at a time.

Commitment to Our Customers

We believe no merchant should be paying a high percentage of all their hard-earned sales to credit card companies. It shouldn’t be complicated or confusing to know how much it costs to accept payments.  Credit card processing should be simple and transparent. 

We believe that we can make every customer experience meaningful and enjoyable. We believe that people shouldn’t be treated like a number but rather as human beings. We are trying really hard to be something different. Not just words or platitudes. We think there is a better way.

Clearly Payments Leadership Team

Kalle Radage, Chairman of Clearly Payments

Kalle Radage


Kalle Radage is a tech entrepreneur and leader focused on SaaS & fintech.  He started Clearly Payments and Neptune Digital Assets to change the future of finance. Kalle has scaled startups and run large groups in global enterprises and he was also a VC. He strives to build teams and products people love. He has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

Chris Farmer Clearly Payments

Chris Farmer


Chris Farmer comes from a background in finance and technology sales, marketing and customer success. His previous experience has seen him lead and grow businesses by building a strategy that focuses on customer experience and by sustaining long-term partnerships. Chris has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Business Management.


Ben Yua


Ben Yua is a Clearly Payments board member and partners with the executive team on its long-term strategic plan. Previously, Ben spent time at another payments company as a key member of the senior leadership team. Ben comes from a finance background as a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant.

Our Culture

Company culture is about values and attitudes of employees in the business. A culture contributes to achieving a great business, but it can also hinder it. Culture is the only truly unique aspect of a business – products, branding, and services can be replicated. Culture is a complex formula, like DNA. That’s why we put so much effort towards it.

We believe that culture is the collection of values, behaviours, and incentives of an organization. Working within an organization with a strong culture will help you be more successful.

Clearly Payments Careers

Great people are the core of a great business. We want to attract people that are obsessively helpful and are willing to continually learn. They aspire to be entrepreneurs and business leaders.