Dear questioners, MBAs without MBAs, action takers, good hearts, future leaders: we want you at Clearly Payments.

Learning is the unit measure of success

At Clearly Payments, you get to learn. Whether this is your first stint in business or you're a seasoned executive, everyone needs to continue to learn. Without learning, growth will stagnate. Learn from your successes, learn from your failures. At Clearly Payments, you see so many types of businesses and different operations, you become a business expert, an MBA without an MBA. With that continually growing knowledge, we help customers grow their business...entrepreneurs, business people, leaders, operators, owners. We live and breath the business building world.

Opportunity is knocking

Dive into different areas of business: finance, marketing, is possible, even expected to become knowledgable of all the functions of a business. We help you get there. And this breadth of knowledge helps you help our customers. We will also fully help you and support you if you are doing school at the same time, whether it's a certificate, a bachelor's, or master's degree. All of this opens more doors for growth at Clearly Payments.

Question deeply, understand deeply

See something not connecting? Question it. Asking the five whys gets you close to the essence of existence. Always mine for the essence. That's when you become enlightened. This independent thinking is something we love at Clearly Payments.

Friendliness goes a long way

It might feel corny, but friendliness is one of the most simple things you can do to build lasting relationships. Think of others, empathize, be honest, and go out of your way to help. That is friendliness. With friendliness, you get happy employees and happy customers.

Now hiring: Customer Success

This is a critical role to help customers get up and running. This includes on-boarding customers, responding to questions, and proactively reaching out to merchants not yet fully on our products. There is also some analysis and number crunching of our customer base - we can train you on all of this.

We look for character. Your specific experience, although interesting, is not critical. You will learn on the go and be trained. What is critical is being super friendly, pro-active, out-going, and organized. You will learn, be part of a team, help a company grow, and become a leader.


  • Help our customers with their challenges
  • Help new customers get started
  • Help organize ways to service our customers better
  • Wear multiple hats, all around servicing customers
  • Help grow Clearly Payments, always putting the customer first

The right fit

  • Any level of experience. We hire on character, not schooling or years of experience.
  • A personality type similar to ENFJ (if you're familiar with Myers Briggs). You can take a free Myers Briggs test if you haven't before. ENFJs are organized, energetic and driven to do what's best for humanity. They are tuned into the needs of others and also tend to be optimistic and forward-thinking, intuitively seeing opportunity for improvement.

Now hiring: Account Executive

You are a hunter, spreading the word of Clearly Payments to small and medium sized businesses. That's a wide net; businesses with revenues between $100k per year to $100 million per year. You will prospect for new customers and you will also sign-up new customers that come to Clearly Payments.

There is a lot of freedom with this role to use your outgoing nature, organization, and creativity to grow the Clearly Payments business. This is an awesome opportunity to get into a growing company on the ground floor.


  • Hunt for customers
  • Service inbound requests from prospects
  • Manage a well organized pipeline
  • Get the Clearly Payments word out
  • Manage the full sales cycle (training available)

The right fit

  • Any level of experience. We hire on character, not schooling or years of experience.
  • A personality type similar to ESFJ (if you're familiar with Myers Briggs). This is not a hard science, but gives direction on the right fit. You can take a free Myers Briggs test if you haven't before. ENFJs love people. They are warmly interested in others. You have a special skill skill at bringing out the best in others.

Reach out to us on our contact page or [email protected]. Be different. Be strong. Be persistent. We are always looking for the great people.