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Transform your business’ in-person payment methods and take transactions to any corner of your business. Accept all credit and debit cards, contactless and mobile-wallet payments.

Payment Terminals

Poynt all-in-one smart credit card terminal

The Poynt smart payment terminal has created a new standard of impeccable payment experiences for retailers and customers. Smart, sophisticated and easy to use, it’s designed to grow with your business. Poynt is a great option for new, established and growing retail stores, pop-up shops, and professional and personal services businesses. Restaurants also find Poynt a great fit for both counter-pay as well as pay-at-the-table transactions.
Ingenico iCT 220 Payment Terminal

Wired terminal: Ingenico iCT220

This is the standard workhorse credit card terminal. The Ingenico iCT220 payment terminal has a chip card reader, swipe, and manual credit card entry. It is a common choice for counter retail payments or in offices. It plugs into your wired internet connection. A solid payment terminal that is simple, secure, and reliable.

Ingenico iCT 250 Payment Terminal

Wired terminal with tap-to-pay: Ingenico iCT250

The Ingenico iCT250 payment is similar to the iCT220 but also includes the tap-and-pay (Apple Pay) functionality and has a colour screen. Tap-and-pay works to reduce line ups at your cash register. People can tap their credit cards or mobile phones to pay. Tap-and-pay is a great convenience for transactions that are less than $100.

Ingenico iWL 220 Payment Terminal

WiFi terminal: Ingenico iWL220

The Ingenico iWL220 credit card terminal is a WiFi enabled. WiFi means it connects to your wireless internet. It works anywhere your WiFi is in range. This is common in retail stores where you want sales people to take payments anywhere within the store. It’s also common in restaurants, warehouses, and offices.

Ingenico iWL 250 Payment Terminal

Cellular wireless terminal: Ingenico iWL250

The Ingenico iWL250 is a fully mobile terminal. It works like your mobile phone and is connected to the cellular network. This is great for businesses that are mobile or with multiple properties. This payment terminal gives you the convenience of always being connected, anywhere you are.

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The more credit card payment options you provide your customers, the more your business will grow

Accepting credit card and debit card payments will help you grow your business. If you accept payments face-to-face, a traditional payment terminal is a great way to start. Card present transactions is one of the most affordable ways to accept credit card payments.

Save Money

Using credit card terminals allows you to accept card present transactions which is one of the most cost effective ways to accept credit card payments.

Flexibility and choice

We offer the newest credit card terminals that work for your business. No matter the type of business, we have a payment terminal that works best for you.

No commitments

Why get locked into a contract for a device that might become obsolete? We rent payment terminals with no contracts and no obligation. Upgrade anytime.

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