Payment Terminal

Poynt Smart Point of Sale System

Accept credit card and debit card payments with the Poynt payment terminal. It’s a perfect countertop payment terminal for offices, retail, restaurants, and other physical locations.

Poynt Payment Terminal and Point of Sale System

Poynt Terminal

Poynt 5 Payment Terminals

Poynt 5 (Mobile)

A true smart terminal with an integrated printer and customizable, interactive dual touch screens: one for the merchant and one for the consumer. 

The Poynt 5 terminal is about the size of a smartphone. It’s a mobile solution that can work with the Poynt smart terminal or be used standalone.

Accept every type of debit and credit card payment

Your customers can pay with any type of payment method, including debit tap and chip and PIN. Accept credit cards from anywhere in the world. Your funds are delivered to your bank in less than one business day.

Poynt Payment Terminals with Contactless

Who uses the Poynt payment terminal

A payment terminal that is robust, reliable, and simply works.

Poynt is Canada’s first truly smart mobile solution for businesses which works for both small businesses and enterprises. 

Poynt payment terminal hardware specifications

Card reader types

  • EMV (Chip-Card) Reader
  • NFC (Tap & Pay) Reader
  • Manual Keyed Entry
  • Magnetic stripe reader: Triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3)


  • Optional Customer Tip Prompts
  • Optional Clerk / Servicer IDs and Reports


  • Ethernet with static IP
  • Wi-Fi
  • Optional wireless 3G

Thermal printer

  • Built-in Printer – 16’ paper roll
  • 18+ lines per second
  • Standard roll paper of 58mm (2.25 in.) width x 25mm (1.0 in) diameter, single ply


  • 7’’ touchscreen 800 (w) x 1280 (h) pixels
  • 4.3” Secure touchscreen display 800 (w) x 480 (h) pixels

Weight and size

  • 117 mm x 245 mm x 90 mm
  • 0.7 kg

Power supply

  • 40 W, 12 V, 3.33A (100-240V) I battery: 4Ah, 4.2 V, 800 cycles


  • Front and back camera
  • Front Camera: 5MP I autofocus (7cm to infinity)
  • Back camera: VGA

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