You Inspire People by Doing Your Best

Working hard at your computer

Many things inspire people. And people are inspired by many different things. We get that. Characteristics like passion, empathy, and honesty are all inspiring. Those characteristics are important in business and life. However, above all, inspiration is born from people striving to do great work. 

People are always watching you. They watch what you do even more than they listen to what you say. Great leaders, speakers, hockey players, firefighters, and mothers and fathers are inspiring. When you watch these people do their thing, you want to emulate them. That’s the core of inspiration: driving people to be better than they already are. There’s one thing these inspiring people have in common. They are doing their best.

"There's one thing inspiring people have in common. They are doing their best."

At Clearly Payments, we want people to be themselves and be unique. We want people to be true to themselves. Some people project passion or empathy more than others, which is fine. However, we do want people to have this one thing in common. It’s one of our core working principles. We simply want people to consistently do their best. This inspires everyone around you to act in the same manner.

There are many ways to do your best. However, one sure way to do your best is to set specific and achievable goals, continuously. Identify what you want to accomplish and create a plan to achieve it. Setting specific goals will help you stay focused and motivated. Keep iterating to improve.

Doing your best is living out each moment to its fullest potential. This potential exists in every situation you encounter. Doing your best is not about achievements or meeting expectations. It is not about failure or success. It is about putting all your energy into your current situation. It helps make your work and life more fulfilling.


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