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Vancity Payment Processing

Clearly Payments is the lowest cost payment processor for Vancouver, British Columbia. Get end-to-end credit card processing with a merchant account, payment terminals, and payment gateway for online, mobile, and storefront businesses.

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You’re one step closer to getting the best payment processing in Vancouver, Canada.

Get the lowest priced, simplest and most convenient way to accept credit card payments. Clearly Payments is a British Columbia payment processor that aims to be the friendliest payment processor on Earth.

“Clearly Payments saved me money on payment processing fees and helped me along the way. I thought I had good rates until I switched my merchant account. Thankfully I was up and running within 2 days. Everything worked out as expected.”

– Clearly Payments Customer

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Get access to wholesale payment processing rates for a low fixed monthly fee. You can’t get cheaper credit card processing than this.