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What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

In payment processing, tiered pricing is one of the most common pricing models used for fees by payment processors. However, it is generally the pricing model where merchants pay the most. Tiered pricing categorizes transaction fees into different tiers based on different criteria. This makes it important for merchants to

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EMV Payment Terminal with Clearly Payments

What is EMV in Payment Processing?

EMV is a secure payment technology standard that is used worldwide. EMV is managed by a handful of credit card networks: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB,

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Best WordPress Plugin for Payments

WordPress payment plugin

WordPress is the most popular platform to manage content on websites. If you’ve chosen WordPress, you’re in good hands. Hundreds of millions of other websites

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Dentist office with payment processing

Dental credit card processing

There are specific needs in dental credit card processing that we have seen as we’ve worked with many dentists. First and foremost, low-cost is critical.

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