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Stop funding delays in credit card processing

Stop Funding Delays in Credit Card Processing

One of the great things about credit card processing is that funds are deposited into your bank account within one or two days without having to go to the bank. Everything is digital. However, not all payment processors are equal. Some do same day or next day funding, like Clearly Payments, and some payment processors take a week to put

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Company Culture

A Culture of Radical Transparency

What is radical transparency? When you start a company, an early decision you’ll want to make is how much information you are going to share

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Reducing Fees

Reading your credit card statements

Reading credit card statements is complicated. There is no standard and there are no regulations enforcing a pricing method. There is a credit card processing

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Growing a Business

Payment processing for RMTs

RMTs (Registered Massage Therapists) and general massage therapists are in a competitive business. The core of a successful RMT is repeat business. When you have

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