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A Big List of Payment Gateways

A Big List of Payment Gateways

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce and digital transactions, the choice of a payment gateway is a crucial decision for businesses. A payment gateway serves as the bridge between the customer and the merchant, facilitating secure and seamless transactions. With a multitude of options available, it’s essential for merchants to stay informed about the diverse range of payment gateways that cater to varying business needs.

List of Payment Gateways

  1. 2Checkout (now Verifone): Global payment platform for online and mobile commerce (International).
  2. Adyen: Single platform for accepting payments globally (International).
  3. Affirm: Allows consumers to buy now and pay over time (United States).
  4. Afterpay: Enables customers to make purchases and pay in installments (International, originating in Australia).
  5. Alipay: Third-party mobile and online payment platform (China).
  6. Amazon Pay: Allows customers to use their Amazon account for online purchases and a Solution for businesses selling on Amazon’s marketplace (International).
  7. Apple Pay: Mobile payment and digital wallet service (International).
  8. Apriva: Secure mobile payment processing solutions (United States).
  9. Authorize.Net: Widely used payment gateway for online merchants (United States).
  10. Ayden: Global payment company providing solutions for businesses of all sizes (International).
  11. Bambora (now Ingenico): Global payment service provider (International).
  12. Beanstream (now part of Bambora, Canada): Secure payment processing solutions (Canada).
  13. BigCommerce Payments: E-commerce platform with integrated payment solutions (International).
  14. BitPay: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment gateway and processor (International).
  15. Blackbaud Merchant Services: Payment solutions for nonprofits (United States).
  16. BlueDog: Payment processing solutions (United States).
  17. BluePay (now First Data, Fiserv): Technology-enabled payment processing services (United States).
  18. BlueRush: Personalized customer experience platform with payment options (International).
  19. BlueSnap: E-commerce payment services provider (International).
  20. Bolt (formerly Payment platform simplifying online checkout (International).
  21. Braintree (now PayPal): Enables businesses to accept payments online (International).
  22. CampusPay (education): Payment solution for educational institutions (United States).
  23. Cash App (Square): Mobile payment service by Square (United States).
  24. Chargebee: Subscription billing and revenue management platform (International).
  25. Chargify: Subscription billing platform for businesses (International).
  26. Chase Paymentech: Payment processing solutions (United States).
  27. Clearent: Credit card processing solutions (United States).
  28. Clearly Payments: Online credit card processing solutions using Fiserv, Elavon,, and more (Canada & United States).
  29. CoinGate: Cryptocurrency payment gateway (International).
  30. Credorax: Smart acquiring solutions (International).
  31. CyberSource: Secure electronic payment services (International).
  32. Dharma Merchant Services: Payment solutions for businesses (United States).
  33. Divido: Platform for retail finance (International).
  34. E-xact Transactions: Payment gateway and online credit card processing (International).
  35. Elavon: Payment processing solutions with the Converge payment gateway. (International).
  36. Emergent Payments: Digital payment solutions (International).
  37. eProcessing Network: Payment gateway and services (United States).
  38. eWay: Online payment solutions (Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe).
  39. Fattmerchant: Subscription-based payment processing (United States).
  40. Fiserv (formerly First Data): Global provider of financial services technology (International).
  41. Forter: E-commerce fraud prevention (International).
  42. Fortumo: Carrier billing and mobile payments platform (International).
  43. Global Payments: Leading provider of payment technology and services (International).
  44. GoCardless: Global bank debit network for recurring payments (International).
  45. Google Pay: Digital wallet platform and online payment system (International).
  46. Heartland Payment Systems: Payment processing solutions for businesses (United States).
  47. Helcim: Payment processing solutions with transparent pricing (Canada).
  48. Helios Payments: Payment processing company serving various industries (United States).
  49. iPayment: Payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes (United States).
  50. Ingenico ePayments: Global payment service provider (International).
  51. Instabill: High-risk merchant account and payment solutions (International).
  52. Klarna: Provides online shopping payment solutions (International).
  53. LawPay (legal): Online payment solutions for legal professionals (United States).
  54. MemberClicks (associations): Membership management software with payment options (United States).
  55. Moneris: Payment solutions for businesses in Canada (Canada).
  56. Monexgroup: Payment processing solutions (Canada).
  57. NMI (North American Bancard): Payment gateway for businesses (United States).
  58. Net1 Virtual Card System: Payment technology solutions (International).
  59. Nuvei: Payment technology partner for businesses (International).
  60. OpenEdge (formerly Global Payments): Payment technology solutions (United States).
  61. Openpay: Buy now, pay later solutions (International).
  62. Optimal Payments (now Paysafe): Online payment solutions (International).
  63. Paya: Payment solutions for businesses (United States).
  64. Paya Connect: Integrated payment solutions (United States).
  65. Payfacto (TSYS): Payment solutions provider (Canada).
  66. Payline Data: Payment processing solutions for businesses (United States).
  67. Payoneer: Cross-border payment platform (International).
  68. Przelewy24 (Poland): Online payment solutions in Poland (Poland).
  69. Rapyd: Global fintech platform for local and cross-border payments (International).
  70. Recurly: Subscription billing and revenue optimization platform (International).
  71. Ria Money Transfer: International money transfer services (International).
  72. Samsung Pay: Mobile payment and digital wallet service (International).
  73. Sezzle: Buy now, pay later platform (United States, Canada, Australia).
  74. Shopify Payments: Integrated payment solutions for Shopify merchants (International).
  75. Square Canada: Payment and point-of-sale solutions for Canadian businesses (Canada).
  76. Stripe: Payment processing for online businesses (International).
  77. TransNational Payments: Payment processing solutions (United States).
  78. Versapay: Accounts receivable automation and payment solutions (Canada).
  79. Vantiv (now Worldpay, FIS): Payment processing solutions (International).
  80. WePay (now JPMorgan Chase): Online payment integration solutions (United States).
  81. Wirecard (now Adyen): Global payment company (International).
  82. Worldpay (now FIS): Payment processing solutions (International).
  83. Zift Payments: Payment solutions for businesses (United States).
  84. Zelle: Digital payments network (United States).
  85. Zuora: Subscription billing and management platform (International).

This comprehensive list serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking the right payment gateway. Each gateway has its unique features, catering to diverse business models and industries. Stay tuned for more insights into the dynamic world of online payments as we continue to explore emerging trends and innovations.

Remember, choosing the right payment gateway is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Consider your business needs, target audience, and transaction volume when selecting the gateway that aligns best with your objectives. Whether you’re a global e-commerce giant or a niche industry player, there’s a payment gateway tailored for you in this big list.

What Makes a Good Payment Gateway

Selecting the right payment gateway is a critical decision for any business engaged in online transactions. A good payment gateway can significantly impact the customer experience, conversion rates, and overall financial health of the business. Here are key factors to consider when evaluating and choosing a payment gateway:

Security and Compliance

  • Encryption: Ensure the payment gateway uses robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive data during transactions.
  • Tokenization: Tokenization helps ensure your critical customer and credit card data is safe. 
  • PCI DSS Compliance: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is crucial for safeguarding cardholder data. A reputable payment gateway should adhere to these standards.

Ease of Integration

  • API Access: Look for payment gateways that provide easy-to-use APIs for seamless integration with your website or application.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the payment gateway is compatible with your existing e-commerce platform or software.

Global Reach and Currency Support

  • International Transactions: If your business operates globally, choose a payment gateway that supports international transactions and accepts major currencies.
  • Multi-Currency Support: The ability to process transactions in multiple currencies is essential for businesses catering to an international customer base.

User-Friendly Checkout Experience

  • Mobile Optimization: With the rise of mobile commerce, a good payment gateway should offer a smooth and secure checkout experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Guest Checkout: Provide customers with the option for a quick and hassle-free guest checkout to reduce friction.

Transparent Pricing

  • Transaction Fees: Understand the fee structure, including transaction fees, setup fees, and any other hidden charges.
  • Volume Discounts: Some payment gateways offer volume discounts based on transaction volume, which can be beneficial for growing businesses.

Reliability, Scalability, and Uptime

  • Downtime History: Choose a payment gateway with a reliable track record and minimal downtime to ensure uninterrupted services for your customers.
  • Customer Support: Access to responsive customer support is crucial for addressing any issues promptly.
  • Business Growth: Select a payment gateway that can scale with your business as it grows. This includes accommodating increased transaction volumes and expanding product offerings.

Integration with Popular Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards: Support for major credit cards is a must, but also consider emerging payment methods like digital wallets and buy now, pay later options.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: Cater to diverse customer preferences by offering a variety of payment methods beyond traditional credit cards.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Transaction Reporting: Access to detailed transaction reports and analytics can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sales performance.
  • Data Portability: Data should be yours. Ensure that you can export any data from the gateway if you ever decide to switch payment gateways.

Reputation and Reviews

  • Industry Standing: Choose a payment gateway with a solid reputation and positive reviews from businesses in your industry.
  • Security Certifications: Verify the security certifications and industry endorsements that the payment gateway has earned.
By carefully evaluating these factors, businesses can identify a payment gateway that aligns with their specific needs and sets the foundation for secure, efficient, and customer-friendly online transactions. Keep in mind that the right payment gateway contributes not only to successful transactions but also to the overall trust and satisfaction of your customers.

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