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What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

In payment processing, tiered pricing is one of the most common pricing models used for fees by payment processors. However, it is generally the pricing model where merchants pay the most. Tiered pricing categorizes transaction fees into different tiers based on different criteria. This makes it important for merchants to

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Tap to pay for contactless payments with dentists

What is Interchange?

When your business processes a credit card, you will be charged a transaction fee. The majority of that fee is the interchange fee. What is

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Why Credit Cards Get Declined

It can be awkward when you’ve sold items and your customer’s credit card gets declined. The best way to deal with that situation is to

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Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

Payment Processing Companies

Payment processing companies provide the full service to allow merchants to accept credit cards or debit cards. Some of the more advanced payment processing companies

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Payment processing in Canada with Clearly Payments

Payment Processing in Canada

Payment processing is very geographical. Each country has its own regulations with their own banking system. In Canada, any payment processor that offers a merchant

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