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The Big List of Payment Processors in USA and Canada

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Payment processors in North America include companies that provide businesses with the ability to accept electronic payments from customers in both the United States and Canada. They allow merchants to accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of electronic payments.

There are thousands of payment processors across North America. Payment processors come in many forms such as acquirers, ISOs, and PayFacs. Those are generally just details and not critical for choosing a payment processor.

Some are only in one country, while others like Clearly Payments are in both USA and Canada. Below is an extensive list of payment processors that offer: credit card processing, merchant accounts, payment gateways, point-of-sale terminals, and other merchant services.

Processors in USA

You can also review the list of the best payment processors in the USA.

  1. 2Checkout
  2. Adyen
  3. Affinipay
  4. Amazon Pay
  6. BlueSnap
  7. Braintree
  8. CardConnect
  9. Chase Paymentech
  11. Citi Merchant Services
  12. Clearly Payments
  13. CyberSource
  14. Dharma Merchant Services
  15. Dwolla
  16. EBizCharge
  17. Elavon
  18. Fattmerchant
  19. Fiserv
  20. First Data
  21. Global Payments
  22. GoCardless
  23. Heartland Payment Systems
  24. Helcim
  25. Ingenico
  26. Intuit QuickBooks Payments
  27. iTransact
  28. Litle & Co.
  29. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services
  30. Merchant e-Solutions
  31. Merchant One
  32. Merchant Warehouse
  33. NMI
  34. Optimal Payments
  35. OrbitalPay
  36. Pago
  37. PayJunction
  38. Payline Data
  39. PayPal
  40. Paysafe
  41. PaySimple
  42. Payza
  43. Payment Depot
  44. Payment Processing Inc.
  45. Payroc
  46. Paystand
  47. PayU
  48. Payzer
  49. POS USA
  50. QuickBooks Payments
  51. Sage Payment Solutions
  52. SecureNet
  53. Shift4 Payments
  54. Shopify Payments
  55. Skrill
  56. Square
  57. Stripe
  58. Total System Services
  59. TransNational Payments
  60. TSYS Merchant Solutions
  61. USAePay
  62. Vantiv
  63. Verifone
  64. VisaNet
  65. Worldpay
  66. Zoho Books
  67. BluePay
  69. EBizCharge
  70. Electronic Payment Systems (EPS)
  71. Flagship Merchant Services
  72. Forte Payment Systems
  73. Gravity Payments
  74. Green Dot
  75. Harbortouch
  76. iPayment
  77. National Processing
  78. North American Bancard (NAB)
  79. PaymentCloud
  80. Payment Depot
  81. PayProTec
  82. Payroc
  83. Paystri
  84. Priority Payment Systems
  85. RedFynn
  86. Samsara Payment Solutions
  87. SpotOn
  88. US Bank Payment Services
  89. Worldpay from FIS

Processors in Canada

You can also review the list of the best payment processors in Canada.

  1. 2Checkout
  2. Adyen
  3. Affinipay
  4. Allied Wallet
  5. Alipay
  6. Amazon Pay
  8. Beanstream
  9. BluePay Canada
  10. BlueSnap
  11. Boku
  12. CardConnect
  13. Chase Paymentech
  15. Clearly Payments
  16. CIBC Merchant Services
  17. CyberSource
  18. Dharma Merchant Services
  19. Dwolla
  20. EBizCharge
  21. Elavon
  22. Fiserv
  23. First Data
  24. Global Payments
  25. GoCardless
  26. Heartland Payment Systems
  27. Helcim
  28. Ingenico
  29. Intuit QuickBooks Payments
  30. iTransact
  31. Litle & Co.
  32. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services
  33. Merchant
  34. Merchant e-Solutions
  35. Merchant One
  36. Merchant Warehouse
  37. Moneris
  38. Moolah
  39. NMI
  40. OmniPay
  41. Optimal Payments
  42. OrbitalPay
  43. Pago
  44. Payline Data
  45. PayPal
  46. Paysafe
  47. PaySimple
  48. Paytm
  49. Payza
  50. Payment Depot
  51. Payment Processing Inc.
  52. Payworks
  53. POS Canada
  54. QuickBooks Payments
  55. Sage Payment Solutions
  56. SecureNet
  57. Shift4 Payments
  58. Shopify Payments
  59. Skrill
  60. Square
  61. Stripe
  62. TD Merchant Services
  63. Total System Services
  64. TouchBistro Payments
  65. TransNational Payments
  66. TSYS Merchant Solutions
  67. UnionPay
  68. USAePay
  69. Vantiv
  70. VisaNet
  71. Worldpay
  72. ZipZap
  73. GoCoin
  74. BitPay
  75. Shakepay

What makes a good payment processor

Selecting a reliable payment processor is a pivotal decision for businesses engaged in electronic transactions. A good payment processor plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless and secure financial transactions, impacting customer satisfaction and the overall success of the business. Key attributes define a good payment processor:

First and foremost, security is paramount. A reputable payment processor implements advanced encryption techniques, ensuring that sensitive financial data is safeguarded during each transaction. Compliance with industry standards, particularly adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), underscores the commitment to protecting customer information.

Ease of integration is another essential factor. A good payment processor provides businesses with user-friendly application programming interfaces (APIs) that streamline the integration process. Compatibility with various e-commerce platforms and software solutions ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, reducing complexities for merchants.

Global reach and currency support are vital considerations, especially for businesses with an international clientele. A robust payment processor should facilitate transactions across borders, supporting diverse currencies to accommodate the preferences and locations of customers worldwide.

User experience is a critical aspect, with a focus on providing a frictionless checkout process. Mobile optimization is imperative in today’s digital landscape, catering to the increasing prevalence of mobile transactions. Additionally, features like guest checkout options contribute to a user-friendly experience, reducing abandonment rates.

Transparent pricing is fundamental to a good payment processor such as using interchange plus pricing. Merchants should have a clear understanding of the fee structure, encompassing transaction fees, setup fees, and any additional costs. Volume discounts can be advantageous for growing businesses, offering financial flexibility as transaction volumes increase.

Reliability and uptime are non-negotiable. A trustworthy payment processor boasts a history of minimal downtime, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service for businesses and their customers. Responsive customer support is equally vital, providing assistance and solutions in real-time.

Integration with a variety of popular payment methods is a hallmark of a versatile payment processor. Beyond traditional credit cards, support for emerging payment methods such as digital wallets and buy-now-pay-later options reflects adaptability to evolving consumer preferences.

Scalability is a consideration for businesses with growth ambitions. A good payment processor should seamlessly accommodate increased transaction volumes and expanding product offerings, aligning with the dynamic needs of a growing enterprise.

Detailed reporting and analytics capabilities empower businesses with valuable insights. Access to transaction reports and analytics enhances decision-making processes, offering visibility into customer behavior and sales performance.

Reputation and reviews play a crucial role in the selection process. A payment processor with a solid industry standing and positive reviews from peers establishes credibility and trust. Recognitions such as security certifications further underscore the reliability of the chosen payment processor.

In summary, a good payment processor combines robust security measures, ease of integration, global capabilities, user-friendly features, transparent pricing, reliability, versatility, scalability, analytics support, and a reputable standing in the industry. By carefully considering these factors, businesses can choose a payment processor that not only meets their current needs but also supports their growth and success in the long term.

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