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What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

What is Tiered Pricing in Payment Processing

In payment processing, tiered pricing is one of the most common pricing models used for fees by payment processors. However, it is generally the pricing model where merchants pay the most. Tiered pricing categorizes transaction fees into different tiers based on different criteria. This makes it important for merchants to

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Credit card logos

History of Credit Cards

There is a long history of retailers or financial institutions providing credit for customers. In the 1800s and early 1900s, imagine going into your local

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Return Policy

How to create a return policy

A return policy is a must. Whether you allow returns or you don’t, a policy should be clear. There are statistics out there that around

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Basis points in payments

What are basis points?

When you’re in payments, you’re in an industry with thousands of competitors in a complex value chain. In fact, most of the industry involves just

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payment processor vs iso

Payment processors vs ISOs

Payment processors and ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) mostly sell the same products and services. In the end, ISOs resell products and services from processors and

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