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Cannabis Payment Processing Now Available in Canada

Cannabis Payment Processing and Merchant Account

Cannabis credit card processing is now available in Canada with Clearly Payments for physical licensed retail locations. Our world class merchant account, credit card machines, payment software, and integrations are available to cannabis physical merchants, dispensaries, and other cannabis related businesses.

Cannabis retail payment processing

Retail storefronts are one of the most popular modes of cannabis transactions. Take payments however your customers choose. You can accept all major cards easily and securely, whether by a standalone credit card machine or a point of sale system. You are able to create products, print barcodes, take stock and track inventory along with multi-location cannabis storefront support.

A fast and seamless checkout means happy customers. Clearly Payments lets you take any payment with contactless, chip-and-pin, swipe, or mobile payments for both credit cards and debit cards. When you’re done, real-time reporting of all sales and transaction data gives you insight on your revenue, items, employees, and growth metrics.

Cannabis virtual terminal for physical outlets

The cannabis virtual terminal is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accept credit cards whether you are in-person or on the phone. With a few clicks, you are taking payments securely. No extra hardware is needed. You just need a computer, laptop, or tablet. There is an optional USB computer swiper so you don’t need to manually enter card numbers when customers are with you.

Low cost payment processing for cannabis businesses

Merchants are paying too much on payment processing. That’s a fact. Most merchants have the opportunity to save significantly on accepting payments if they follow a few simple strategies. We know this first hand. Many merchants are paying 3% to 6%, which is very high, including transaction fees ranging from $0.10 to $0.50, in addition to monthly fees, monthly minimums, or other fees created by payment processors. 

The Clearly Payments mission is to reduce the cost of payment processing. If you are accepting credit cards, unfortunately the truth is that it is not free. There are interchange rates set by Visa and MasterCard which are the base costs that all merchants pay.  We are able to offer the lowest prices possible due to our unique cost structure along with the fact that we have a partnership model with the best global payment technology companies.

When you run your payments through Clearly Payments, your funds get deposited directly into your bank account in less than 24 hours, increasing your cash flow. You can use your existing business bank account from any bank or credit union. Funds are directly deposited, whether your funds are in USD or Canadian currency.


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