We’ll show you how much we make

Accept credit cards with Clearly Payments and we’ll show you how much we make. We do that to keep us aligned with our mission which is to drive down the price of accepting payments.

The breakdown that we will show is the amount the banks get and the amount that Clearly Payments gets. The remainder …

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Interchange Plus Pricing for Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Logos - Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, Discover

Types of pricing models

There are three common pricing models in payment processing: tiered pricing, interchange plus pricing, and flat fee pricing.

Tiered pricing

The most popular pricing for a merchant account and payment processing is tiered pricing. This is unfortunate because it is the easiest to hide fees. It is the one that have …

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What is interchange plus in payment processing?

Interchange Plus pricing for payment processing by Clearly Payments

Interchange plus pricing, sometimes called cost plus, is on of the less common ways that payment processors price to merchants. There are other forms of pricing, such as flat rate and tiered. In the end, interchange plus is regarded as the most transparent and fair for merchants. That’s why it’s not used very much. Tiered …

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History of Credit Cards

There is a long history of retailers or financial institutions providing credit for customers. In the 1800s and early 1900s, imagine going into your local general store and telling John to put it on your tab. Some store turned this into a paper card to track your purchases.

Now fast forward to 1950 and the …

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