Ingenico iCT220 Credit Card Terminal

This is a powerful all-in-one terminal to process chip and PIN credit cards and debit cards. Being set up to process chip and pin cards reduces your risk and liability in case of fraud. The Ingenico iCT220 will connect your internet and allow you to easily hand the terminal over to customers for making chip and PIN card transactions. This is a great credit card terminal for primary use or as a backup.

Ingenico iCT220 Features


  • High speed internet through ethernet cable
  •  Dial-up phone line


  • Optional Customer Tip Prompts (amount, percentage, and recommendations)
  • Clerk / Server IDs and Reports


  • Black and white, 2.7’’ graphic 128 x 64 pixels
  • Backlit

Size and weight

  • L x W x H: 7.28″ x 3.26″ x 2.48″
  •  Weight: 11.46 oz without paper roll and cables

Card reader types

  • EMV  (chip card) reader
  • Magnetic stripe (swipe)
  • Manually keyed


  • Ingenico iCT220 printer speed of 18 lines per second
  •  Paper rolles: 2-1/4″ Thermal Paper – 60′

Optional accessories

  • Secondary pin pad: Ingenico iPP320

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