Credit Card Terminals

Clearly Payments offers payment terminals that are secure and simply work. Payment terminals are built for retail, offices, restaurants, and mobile businesses. You can rent terminals, month-to-month, so you can easily change or upgrade whenever you want. We have the best payment terminals with no locked-in contracts or hidden fees.

Wired terminal: Ingenico iCT220

This is the standard workhorse payment terminal. The Ingenico iCT220 terminal has a chip card reader, swipe, and manual credit card entry. It is a common choice for counter retail payments or in offices. It plugs into your wired internet connection. A solid terminal that is simple, secure, and reliable.

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Wired terminal with tap-to-pay: Ingenico iCT250

The Ingenico iCT250 is similar to the iCT220 (above) but also includes the tap-and-pay (Apple Pay) functionality and has a colour screen. Tap-and-pay works to reduce line ups at your cash register. People can tap their credit cards or mobile phones to pay. Tap-and-pay is a great convenience for transactions that are less than $100.

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WiFi terminal: Ingenico iWL220

The Ingenico iWL220 is a WiFi credit card terminal. WiFi means it connects to your wireless internet. It works anywhere your WiFi is in range. This is common in retail stores where you want sales people to take payments anywhere within the store. It’s also common in restaurants, warehouses, and offices.

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Ingenico iWL250 payment terminal

Cellular wireless terminal: Ingenico iWL250

The Ingenico iWL250 is a fully mobile terminal. It works like your mobile phone and is connected to the cellular network. This is great for businesses that are mobile or with multiple properties. This terminal gives you the convenience of always being connected, anywhere you are.

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