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Hotels and Lodging Get Better Payment Processing With Reopening

Hotel payment processing with Clearly Payments

The world is reopening. People are starting to explore again. People are traveling and starting to stay in hotels once again. This is great news and this reopening is a perfect time to revisit the payment processing in your hotel, motel, resort, and bed & breakfast.

Credit card processing is integral to hotels

Hotel, travel, and hospitality heavily rely on payment processing for securing reservations, pre-paying online, final payments at the reception, and for all the food and services. The payment process is generally the first interaction and the last interaction a hotel has with a guest. A good payment experience is critical for guests and the overall customer experience. 

This is why now is a great time to re-evaluate your payment processing solution to ensure it lives up to the experience you want to have for your customers. There are a number of vectors you should consider for evaluating your payment processing.

Each of these vectors play an important part in the success of your business.  These are the vectors that Clearly Payments looks to help in the travel industry.

Hotels should deliver a great payment user experience

A great user experience is simple, fast, and offers the payment method that guests want to use. This means a fully integrated payment system that can be used online, by phone, in person, or while mobile. Credit card data and user information need to be conveniently remembered and fully secure.

This is the heart of the Clearly Payments systems. An all-in-one platform that handles hotel payment processing.

Integration into other systems is a key aspect for successful payment processing

Clearly Payments has deployed many payment systems across the travel industry. Over the years, we have built up a full stack of integration partners that make payment processing simple for hotels. This ranges from payment hardware integrations to recurring billing systems to specific hospitality and restaurant payment systems. 

This set of partners ensures that all payment methods are supported and backend operations are simplified for all hotel operational staff.

Lowest cost payment processing for hotels

One area that Clearly Payments excels in is lowering the cost of payment processing. Our mission is to drive down the cost for merchants to accept payments. Period. Our low-cost structure allows us to pass on the savings to merchants to reduce their costs. We’ve set our operations so even our partners cannot price as low as we do.

The travel industry has been paying notoriously high rates. Frequently we will see rates of 3% or higher. Many times, the true high rates were not even known by the business. This is why Clearly Payments is here.  

Hotels are paying too much. Lower your payment processing fees now.

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