Values vs Principles in Business

It’s important to have both values and principles in your business. It allows you to build a strong culture and therefore wield the benefits of a strong culture: strong brand identity, gelled team, and consistent actions. We clearly state our values and principles to be transparent. So you know what you’re going to get.

Values are the foundation. They are the set of qualities you strive for.  Values are used to make decisions about right and wrong. Example values companies may have are integrity, fairness, and respect. Values are used to help you form your principles.

Principles are the rules or beliefs that govern your behaviour. Principles are built upon your values. A principle is the behaviour, response, or action in which you fulfill values. For example, if a value you have is honesty, a principle may be to never tell lies.

Values = qualities. Principles = rules.

Read our principles and values. This will give you a picture of how Clearly Payments operates.


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