How Interchange Rates Work in Payments

How Interchange Rates Work in Payment Processing

Interchange fees, also known as swipe fees, are charges that merchants pay when a customer uses a credit card to make a purchase. Sometime interchange rates also apply to debit cards, in particular Visa Debit Cards. Interchange fees are primarily a percentage of the total transaction amount and they are paid to the issuing bank of the […]

How Much Does Credit Card Processing Cost?

How much does credit card processing cost?

Credit card processing is one of the “must-haves” for a lot of businesses. This is especially true because the world is moving to a cashless and internet-based economy. Payment processing is more similar to a utility, such as electricity or water. Unlike a traditional utility which has very few suppliers and frequently only one option, […]

Early Termination Fees in Payment Processing

Newland credit card machine with clearly payments

An early termination fee in credit card processing is an extra charge that a merchant gets for cancelling their merchant account prior to the termination date set in their contract. The design of early termination fees is to discourage merchants from leaving. It is supposed to reduce churn. All payment processors want to make a […]

How to Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

How to reduce your credit card processing fees

As a business owner, there is a fee you pay so your customers can pay with credit cards. The fees are primarily a fixed transaction cost and a percentage cost of the total sale amount.  The fixed transaction fee is generally between $0.05 and $0.40 per transaction and the percentage fee ranges from 1.9% and […]

Getting the Best Payment Processing

Get the best credit card processing

We’re here to help you get the best credit card processing. Credit card processing, also known as merchant services, is notoriously difficult to understand. The endless options of payment pricing rates, different types of hardware, and the abundant choices of software make things a little exhausting. Getting the best credit card processing rates are generally […]

Flat Rate vs Interchange Plus Pricing in Payment Processing

Clearly Payments Interchange Pricing vs Flat Fee

In payment processing, the two most popular pricing models are flat rate pricing and interchange plus pricing. Interchange plus pricing is also known as cost plus pricing.  Even though this article focuses on those two, there are other innovative models that exist such as membership pricing where you pay a monthly fee to get access […]

Hotels and Lodging Get Better Payment Processing With Reopening

Hotel payment processing with Clearly Payments

The world is reopening. People are starting to explore again. People are traveling and starting to stay in hotels once again. This is great news and this reopening is a perfect time to revisit the payment processing in your hotel, motel, resort, and bed & breakfast. Credit card processing is integral to hotels Hotel, travel, […]

How Clearly Payments offers low-cost payment processing?

EMV Contactless Payments with Clearly Payments Credit Card Processing

It’s no mystery that Clearly Payments is on a mission to offer the lowest cost payment processing. It’s been written about many times and many customers have benefited from the low cost credit card processing. The questions we get frequently is how do you do it and why don’t other payment processors do it? Let’s […]

Teaser rates in Costco credit card processing

Teaser rates in credit card processing

Teaser rates are a part of marketing. Quite often they are used to acquire new customers by having a discount. For example, “join now and get 25% off for six months.” That’s a great benefit. However, sometimes those advertised teaser rates can be misleading. You will see this in many industries and certainly payment processing. […]

How much does payment processing cost?

Credit Card Processing Fees

Many businesses don’t know how much they should be paying for credit card processing. However, we can guarantee you that the average merchant is paying too much. It can make a big difference in the cash flow of your business. It’s not fun but it’s worth the time to take a few small steps to […]