Dentists reduce credit card processing cost with wholesale membership plan

Dentist Payment Processing

The fees for payment processing add up. Many dentists don’t know how much they are paying, but they do know they are paying too much. All too often, dentists think they have low fees, but in reality, they are paying 3% or more. It is important to state this clearly: no dentist should be paying 3% of their revenue for credit card processing. 

There are different methods that credit card processors use to calculate fees. Tiered Pricing is by far the most common pricing method used. Unfortunately, the easiest method to tack on unnecessary fees is by using tiered pricing. Tiered pricing uses terms like “non-qualified transactions” and “merchant discount rate”. Dentists should be wary if they see those terms. We aim to get rid of them forever.

Membership pricing

Clearly Payments has launched the first membership pricing for payment processing in Canada. We launched this with Dentists specifically in mind. The way it works is that Dentists pay a low flat fee on a monthly basis which gives them access to wholesale, fully pass-through, rates. Dentists can then process an unlimited dollar amount and number of transactions while still maintaining access to the wholesale rates.

Membership pricing for payment processing is an easy way for dentists to save, allowing them to put more effort into patient care. 

“I’ve been looking into ways I can save on costs in my practice. I came across a company in Canada called Clearly Payments, through a dentist friend. They offer transparent fees and a monthly subscription. It will save me about $400 a month”

Dentist Customer of Clearly Payments

The membership pricing allows dentists to take payments with credit card terminals, a payment form on your website, or even by integrating directly into your management software. Your patients can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Diners, AMEX, Discover, China Union Pay, and Interac. It’s the end to end solution for inexpensive and reliable payment processing.

Signing up

Find out more about membership pricing. Get started with one of our customer service representatives today. There is a reason why Clearly Payments is called the friendliest payment processor on earth.


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