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Membership Model : Canadian Businesses Only

Unlike most payment processors that charge highly marked-up and often hidden percentages on your sales, a Clearly Payments membership has no percentage-based markups whatsoever. 

Aside from the wholesale costs that go to the credit card networks and banks (not to Clearly Payments), you just pay a fixed, predictable monthly fee for access to wholesale credit card processing networks. 

No more haggling about rates with salespeople or worrying that you’re not getting the lowest rates possible. Your membership fee covers it. Think of it as a subscription, but with no cancellation fees!

Basic Plan
Starting at $99/month

+ 8¢ per transaction & direct cost
For businesses processing up to $50,000/month
Flat fee processing

Pro Plan
Starting at $189/month

+ 6¢ per transaction & direct cost
For businesses processing $50,000 to $250,000/month
Flat fee processing

Custom Enterprise Plan

For businesses processing more than $250,000/month
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Hassle free pricing options.

As a member, you get direct access to the wholesale rates. Accept payments with confidence knowing you are getting the best rate possible.

Membership Pricing FAQ

Let us help you make an informed decision. We’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions about a Clearly Payments membership.
Every membership subscription gives you access to the direct cost of interchange. Think of it like a membership into a wholesale club. You’ll still pay the interchange rates that go to the issuing banks and credit card associations, but instead of paying a percentage markup, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee and a fixed per-transaction charge. In many cases and depending on the nature and size of your business, this pricing model can result in lower overall costs than even interchange (cost)-plus pricing.
When a cardholder makes a purchase with a credit card, such as a $100 pair of shoes at a shoe store, the bank that issued the credit card (the issuing bank) funds $100 to the shoe store before they collect that money from the customer.

Interchange refers to fees paid by the merchant’s bank to the issuing bank for this service. Interchange covers the cost to convert a charge on an account holder’s card to a cash deposit at the merchant’s bank account, including billing services, credit risk, fraud risk etc.
The buying power of our membership allows us to provide access to our wholesale rates without any markup and in turn, give those savings right back to members. The more you process the more you save.
We have a wide selection of terminals available for rent. As you get set up, we can help you select the best terminal for your needs or any other equipment you might wish to have.
PCI is a mandatory certificate required annually by credit card brands to keep merchants accountable for protection of cardholder data. Clearly Payments includes this certificate in each membership plan.
A Clearly Payments membership gives you direct access to wholesale costs which means the more your process, the more you save. No hidden fees or surprises. No cancellation fees. We make accepting payments simple, predictable and transparent so that you can focus on growing your business.
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Simple, predictable and transparent pricing. Become a Clearly Payments member today and start saving!