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The Competitive Difference of Clearly Payments

The competitive difference of Clearly Payments

While payment processors have been a fixture for decades, the last decade, in particular, has witnessed a significant surge in the number of payment service providers, encompassing various business models like aggregators, PSPs, retail ISOs, wholesale ISOs, payment agents, and more. Collectively, we’ll refer to these entities as payment processors. Here is an overview of the payments industry and value chain for more depth. In the digital landscape, these intermediaries hold a vital role in orchestrating smooth transactions between businesses and their customers.

Amidst this dynamic environment, Clearly Payments emerges with a compelling competitive edge – the remarkable power of lower fees in payment processing. This is an overview of what sets Clearly Payments apart from the other payment processors in the industry.

The Clearly Payments differentiation is simple

We have been in payments for a long time. When it comes down to it, credit card transactions actually run on a handful of companies across the globe. Then you have thousands of companies offering services on top of those companies. We’ve taken this fact and created a differentiation that benefits merchants the most. And it is working.

1. Clearly Payments has the lowest fees possible

Clearly Payments offers the lowest fees by keeping an incredibly low cost structure. They do this with virtual teams, cloud software, and a metrics-driven culture. They also work with the best and lowest cost payment technology providers in the world. They keep customer acquisition costs low through communities, word-of-mouth, and partnerships. Zero dollars have ever been spent on advertising. The low cost structure allows them to pass on the savings to merchants to cut their costs. 

2. Clearly Payments has complete transparency which builds trust

Clearly Payments adopts the interchange plus pricing model, a transparent approach that allows merchants to see the precise costs associated with credit card payments. Unlike providers that obscure expenses with convoluted tiered pricing models with hidden fees, we offer unparalleled transparency, ensuring our customers understand exactly where their money goes.

3. Clearly Payments has customer service you can easily reach

We understand that payments are mission-critical for merchants. That’s why we make reaching our customer service effortless. Our online reviews and responsive communication speak volumes. Put us to the test – send an email and compare our response time to that of our competitors.

4. Clearly Payments has best of breed technology for any type of payment

Payments is a regulated industry and we see that most technology in the market is similar because they all run on the same handful of companies that do the processing. Payment terminals for in-person payments and payment gateways for online payments do the same thing and largely have the same features.

Clearly Payments did the research and has partnered with the best providers in USA and Canada with the lowest cost. This allows Clearly Payments to offer a broader feature set than most merchant service providers:

  • Funding within 24 hours,
  • Omni-channel payments, meaning payments for in-store, mobile, online, recurring, invoicing, and hosted payment page transactions,
  • Integrations with top point-of-sale, inventory, accounting systems and more.
  • Level 3 processing for more detailed data on each transaction, and
  • Top notch fraud detection systems that keep you safe.

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