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Clearly Payments Creates Bank & Credit Union Credit Card Processing Program

Bank and Credit Union Payment Processing

Banks and credit unions are critical to the success of any business, whether large or small. They help with the necessary service of managing the storage and movement of funds. 

Credit card processing is another critical service for most businesses, however very few banks have internal credit card processing operations. Banks and Credit Unions typically work with payment processing companies, like Clearly Payments, to offer credit card processing and other merchant services.

This is a brief overview of the Clearly Payments program that provides a wide range of credit card and debit card processing services, along with payment services such as recurring billing, invoicing, credit card data storage, and more.

Program Overview

Clearly Payments offers banks and credit unions a partner program where we together jointly offer payment processing to business banking clients. It is a flexible structure where Clearly Payments provides any combination of payment processing products and operations including marketing and lead generation, sales, onboarding, customer support, and technical services.

Clearly Payments has a long history in servicing banks, credit unions, and other innovative fintech organizations. We know what it takes to deliver a world-class experience for businesses.

Benefits to Banks and Credit Unions

Consumer habits are evolving which are changing the way merchants conduct business and interact with customers. Transactions are becoming faster, more frictionless, and ubiquitous. Payment technology is evolving quicker than ever enabling this change. Banks and credit unions need to adapt to these changes. 

Sometimes it is difficult for banks and credit unions to change quickly due to things such as legacy infrastructure, the regulatory environment, or simply headcount and expertise limitations. Working with a fintech company like Clearly Payments lets banks and credit unions move faster with great efficiency.

Payment processing is a very large endeavour. That is why very few banks bring payment processing in-house. Banks and credit unions tell us they do not want to take on the full payment processing operations because of several reasons: it is not strategically aligned with their strategy, it’s difficult to gain the necessary internal headcount or funding, or there is a lack of expertise. These are the reasons that Clearly Payments exists. 

When working with Clearly Payments, you’ll see a number of benefits:

  • You gain a parter with deep expertise in payment processing that you can benefit from. 
  • Utmost flexibility in which type of operations are handled by Clearly Payments vs internally. You have the flexibility to completely outsource everything to only a select set of operations.
  • Ability for the program to evolve if banks or credit unions want to eventually bring operations in-house. We can help phase the process and provide support and training.
  • Banks gain a new revenue stream that continually grows and is paid monthly.
  • The program can start with small or large scale.
  • There are no direct costs to start the program. We take care of everything from onboarding and training to full support.

How the Program Works

When your business customers and members join the program, they are offered world class payment processing and customer service. They will enjoy end to end service including:

  • A full suite of payment products to accept payments online, in a store or office, or while mobile.
  • Friendly 24/7 support via phone and email.
  • Real-time payment data and insights.
  • Top notch security and fraud prevention.
  • A customer vault to safely store customer data and credit cards. 
Our revenue program is very simple. Clearly Payments will share a percentage of the revenue generated from any business customer or member that is onboarded for the life of the customer. As the total processing volume of business customers grow, so will the revenue

Getting Started

It’s as simple as getting in touch through the contact form below. One of our specialists will take you through the full details of the program.

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Get your bank to start payment processing today.


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