Merchant Account for USD and CAD Without Currency Exchange

Get a Merchant Account for USD and CAD Funds Without Currency Exchange Fees

In today’s interconnected world, businesses of all sizes are increasingly engaging in global commerce, transcending geographical boundaries to reach customers across borders. However, one of the significant challenges that arise in international transactions is currency exchange. 

Converting funds from one currency to another can lead to additional costs and complexities for merchants, affecting their bottom line and overall business efficiency. Fortunately, payment processors like Clearly Payments are addressing this challenge by offering merchant accounts that allow businesses to transact in either USD or CAD funds without the need for currency exchange.

How Currency Conversion Works in Payments

Traditionally, when a business operates in multiple countries or deals with customers who use different currencies, they typically convert funds from one currency to another. 

This process often involves hefty fees, unfavorable exchange rates, and delays in fund availability, all of which can significantly impact a business’s financial operations. Moreover, the complexity of managing multiple currency accounts adds an additional layer of administrative burden for merchants.

Currency conversion fees in payment processing are charges incurred when converting one currency to another during a transaction. Here’s how they typically work:

Fee Structure: Payment processors apply currency conversion fees as a percentage of the transaction amount or as a fixed fee. This can be anywhere from 0.10% to 1% of the transaction amount. The fee structure varies depending on the payment processor.

Exchange Rate Markup: In addition to the currency conversion fee, payment processors may apply an exchange rate markup. This markup represents the difference between the wholesale exchange rate (the rate at which banks buy and sell currency to each other) and the rate offered to the merchant. The processor may add a margin to the wholesale rate to generate revenue.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): Some payment processors offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) as an option during transactions. With DCC, customers are given the choice to pay in their local currency or the merchant’s default currency. If the customer opts for DCC and pays in their local currency, the processor handles the currency conversion in real-time and may apply additional fees or markups.

Currency conversion fees can impact merchants’ profitability, especially for businesses that engage in a significant volume of international transactions. Merchants need to consider these fees when evaluating payment processing solutions and pricing structures.

How a Merchant Can Accept Payments Without Currency Conversion Across USA and Canada

Clearly Payments helps merchants by offering merchant accounts that support both USD and CAD funds without the hassle and cost of currency exchange. This means that businesses can accept payments in either currency directly into their designated merchant account, eliminating the need for conversion and its associated costs. Whether a business is based in the United States or Canada, Clearly Payments’ flexible merchant account options cater to diverse business needs and preferences.

A Clearly Payments merchant, whether based in the USA or Canada, can have a USD and a CAD merchant account. The key benefits of having a USD merchant account and a separate CAD merchant account is enhanced flexibility and cost savings. By transacting in the native currency of your customers, your business can avoid currency conversion fees and lock in competitive exchange rates, ultimately maximizing their revenue and profitability. 

Additionally, businesses can streamline their financial operations by consolidating their currency exchange activities into a single process, simplifying reconciliation and reporting processes.

The Importance of Platform Integrations

It is also critical for merchant accounts to offer seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, and other business applications, ensuring a frictionless payment experience for both merchants and their customers. With robust security measures in place, merchants can rest assured that their transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Integrations make it simple for merchants to run their business and offer multiple currency payment options to their customers. In addition to the financial benefits, offering customers the option to pay in their preferred currency can enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. By removing barriers related to currency conversion, businesses can attract and retain international customers, tapping into new markets and driving business growth.


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