How Your Business Can Accept Credit Cards in Canada

Accept credit cards in Canada as a business

There is a lot of confusion surrounding credit card processing and merchant accounts. Some of the most common areas of confusion are who sells the payment services, what companies process the transactions, and how the fees and pricing structures work. It is not critical for businesses to accept credit cards, but some merchants prefer accepting […]

A Short History of Payments and Credit Card Processing

A history of payments

It all Started with the Barter System People used to consider their wealth in terms of possessions (I suppose many still do). This wealth was primarily in the form of cattle, land, grain, housing and other physical assets. In order to purchase something by bartering, you would essentially trade. For example, you would trade cattle […]

How to Accept Apple Pay at your Business in Canada

Accept Apple Pay at your business in Canada

When you’re a business, it’s key that your payment processing system is quick, simple, and secure. Your system needs to provide the ways that your customers want to pay. About 25% of people in Canada and USA have an iPhone. Those iPhone users are very active at using Apple Pay. Apple Pay was released in 2014 […]

Accepting American Express Credit Cards and What You Need to Know

Accept American Express Credit Cards

American Express, also known as AMEX, is a credit card company based in USA and has a long history. Unlike credit cards like Visa and Mastercard which are issued by banks, American Express issues its own cards directly to consumers. A Short History of American Express American Express is the oldest credit card company in […]

Cannabis Payment Processing Now Available in Canada

Cannabis Payment Processing and Merchant Account

Cannabis credit card processing is now available in Canada with Clearly Payments. Our world class merchant account, credit card machines, payment software, and integrations are available to cannabis merchants, dispensaries, and other cannabis related businesses. Cannabis retail payment processing Retail storefronts are one of the most popular modes of cannabis transactions. Take payments however your customers […]

What is Interchange?

Tap to pay for contactless payments with dentists

When your business processes a credit card, you will be charged a transaction fee. The majority of that fee is the interchange fee. What is the interchange fee? The interchange fee is part of your transaction fee that your business will pay when a customer pays with a credit card. The customer doesn’t get impacted […]

Payment Processing Companies

Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

Payment processing companies provide the full service to allow merchants to accept credit cards or debit cards. Some of the more advanced payment processing companies allow processing with multiple currencies, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and other progressive payment methods. Payment processing companies in the value chain There are many names that payment processors are sometimes called generically […]

Do I always need a merchant account for merchant services?

Do I need a merchant account for merchant services? Yes.

People generally think that credit card processing is new but the concept was used 200 years ago in the early 1800s. Modern plastic credit cards were not used, but financial institutions provided merchant services to extend credit to merchants. That was the start of merchant accounts. Merchant were able to provide credit to their most […]

Payment Processing in Canada

Payment processing in Canada with Clearly Payments

Payment processing is very geographical. Each country has its own regulations with their own banking system. In Canada, any payment processor that offers a merchant account needs to be approved by the card brands they offer in that country, such as Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. In addition, each payment processor needs to have a sponsoring […]

Gross vs Net Funding in Payment Processing. You Choose.

EMV credit card with a chip for chip-and-pin transactions

When you accept payments, funds get automatically deposited into your bank. This generally happens within 3 business days. By the way, Clearly Payments deposits your funds in less than one day. The funds being deposited into your account is also called settlement. One of the options that our merchants get to choose is whether they […]