Payment Processing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Payment Processing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Accountants generally have a few top priorities when looking for a payment processor. This includes 1) the ability to let clients accept credit cards online, 2) the ability to send and track invoices easily, and 3) really low credit card processing rates. Let Clients Accept Credit Cards Online The most convenient way for clients to […]

Generate revenue from payment processing

Generate revenue through payment processing by partnering with Clearly Payments

Payments is an industry that is evolving quickly. The rise of online and mobile shopping is one of the reasons for this rapid transformation. With this change, comes opportunity to generate revenue and create new forms of value for your customers.  Clearly Payments has a partner platform for businesses to capitalize on payment processing. The […]

Flexible and low cost online payments in Canada

Low cost online payment processing with Clearly Payments

Online shopping and eCommerce is growing extremely fast in Canada. It has been growing around 20% per year and 2020 has seen an explosion of growth due to COVID. Online shopping grew more than 30% in 2020. Consumers are now quite comfortable with online shopping, even to the point where people buy groceries and cars […]

Build passive income while helping local businesses

People happy about payment processing

Clearly Payments, a Canadian payment processor that was built from the ground up to have the lowest payment processing fees, has launched an Ambassador Program. People in the community can take part in a program that builds passive income at the same time as helping local businesses reduce their payment processing fees. A true win-win. The […]

Payment processing for RMTs

RMTs (Registered Massage Therapists) and general massage therapists are in a competitive business. The core of a successful RMT is repeat business. When you have a repeat client, the CLTV (customer lifetime value) of a customer drastically increases. This means higher growth and higher profitability. One of the ways massage therapists have grown is with […]

Top reasons businesses should accept credit cards

Most Credit Cards are Supported by Clearly Payments

Accepting credit cards cost money for a business. That is likely the the main reason a business might not want to accept credit cards. It costs somewhere between 2% and 5% and there are many reasons for the wide range of cost. If you work with a good payment processor, you’ll be able to keep […]

How to create a return policy

A return policy is a must. Whether you allow returns or you don’t, a policy should be clear. There are statistics out there that around 10% of items purchased are returned and the number is even higher for online purchases, sometimes in the range of 25%. Having a clear policy sets expectations with your customers. […]

The benefits of contactless debit and credit card payments

Contactless payment is when a consumer taps their card on the payment terminal (point-of-sale, POS) to authorize a transaction. There’s no PIN, no signature. It’s fast and it’s easy. In 2016, approximately 40 per cent of merchant point-of-sale devices are contactless payment enabled. Contactless is out in the market and it’s growing. Contactless is supported […]

Is it worth it for businesses to accept credit cards?

Make a credit card payment

It costs money for a business to accept credit cards. It would be nice if it was free, but it isn’t. The cost is generally between 2% to 5% to accept credit cards. Sometimes even more for certain high risk businesses. Now, you need to figure out whether it’s worth it. These are rough numbers, […]

Make your business more efficient with the Parkinson’s Law

It’s not laziness and it’s not procrastination. It’s something else. But, certainly there is a tendency for a project to use up all the time that is allotted for the project, even if it could have been completed twice as fast. That tendency for work to expand is what the Parkinson’s law is all about. Watch out for […]