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Build passive income while helping local businesses

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Clearly Payments, a Canadian payment processor that was built from the ground up to have the lowest payment processing fees, has launched an Ambassador Program. People in the community can take part in a program that builds passive income at the same time as helping local businesses reduce their payment processing fees. A true win-win.

It is a referral program that lets any person freely join to become a Payments Ambassador. Once you join, you can refer any business to a dedicated contact on our team. All it takes is a warm email introduction to a business manager or owner stating that they would like to learn more about how Clearly Payments can help them reduce their payment processing rates.

Simple Example Email Introduction

To Chris (at Clearly Payments),

I’d like to introduce you to Stewart, the owner of 123 Moving. They would like to learn more about how they can reduce their credit card processing fees.

Thank you.

It’s that simple to do a referral and we take it from there. Once that business is signed up and starts processing, you get a percentage of revenue on a monthly basis. This program makes it easy to build passive income. People do this as a full-time gig or something completely on the side in their spare time.

Benefits of joining the Ambassador program

We believe small and medium-sized businesses are the center of our economy. We are here to help them save and grow. You can be rest assured that we offer rates that are the lowest while offering the highest level of service. Learn more about the Ambassador Program today.

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