BigCommerce payments integration

BigCommerce supports the Clearly Payments gateway, Converge (Elavon), to accept payments in Canada and USA. Converge is one of the major payment gateways that exist.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce tool that packs a lot of powerful features into a single platform. You can customize your site, manage shipping and payments, and list your products on Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook.

About the integration

The BigCommerce payments integration allows your customers to pay for their order with a credit card with your eCommerce store.

BigCommerce integrates with Converge and Clearly Payments as it is a leading gateway in North America.

Next steps

You must have an active merchant account with Clearly Payments for the integration to function properly. Call 1-800-818-1402 or fill in the Get Started Form to get it going.