Desjardins customers are forced to switch to Global Payments. Here’s what to do.

Desjardins customers are forced to switch to Global Payments

It was announced that Global Payments has acquired the payment processing customers of Desjardins. This means Desjardins customers need to switch from their current payment system to Global Payments. 

There have been some questions from merchants on what they can do. If you’re happy with Global Payments, that’s good news for you. You can continue on as usual. If you’re not happy with that decision, it’s time to switch.

This is a big deal for some merchants. Desjardins is the sixth largest financial institution in Canada with around 1,000 branches and over 7 million customers. Its payment processing business is a leader in Quebec, but has customers across Canada. There are about 40,000 merchants that are impacted by this acquisition.

Merchants have asked Clearly Payments about how difficult it is to switch payment processors. Potentially is sounds daunting, but in reality, it’s quite simple. Clearly Payments has Global Payments customers switching to Clearly Payments weekly. They switch to Clearly Payments because of two main reasons: 1) lower payment processing cost, and 2) more accessible and friendly customer service.

When you switch, there are no setup fees, no upfront costs, and no locked-in contracts. Clearly Payments is on a mission to drive down the cost for merchants to accept payments. We do this with world-class payment systems and customer service.

We believe businesses are paying too much. Join the mission to get the lowest payment processing fees.

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