History of Credit Cards

There is a long history of retailers or financial institutions providing credit for customers. In the 1800s and early 1900s, imagine going into your local general store and telling John to put it on your tab. Some store turned this into a paper card to track your purchases.

Now fast forward to 1950 and the …

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Payment processors vs ISOs

Payment processors and ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) mostly sell the same products and services. In the end, ISOs resell products and services from processors and they may build additional services on top of processors.

There are some ISOs that are huge and many are small. However, in general, they are smaller than processors. Banks are …

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The best payment processors

It is tough to determine the best payment processor. All merchants want the best and the best really depends on your business. We believe the main criteria to determine the best merchant services provider (payment processor) are the following.

Customer support: At some point, you’ll need to call customer support, they need to be available, …

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