Flat Rate vs Interchange Plus Pricing in Payment Processing

Clearly Payments Interchange Pricing vs Flat Fee

In payment processing, the two most popular pricing models are flat rate pricing and interchange plus pricing. Interchange plus pricing is also known as cost plus pricing.  Even though this article focuses on those two, there are other innovative models that exist such as membership pricing where you pay a monthly fee to get access […]

How to pick the best credit card machine for your business

Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

Credit card machines, also known as payment terminals, are critical for in-person purchases. They act as the point of sale and interaction with your customer. Picking the best credit card machine comes down to a few guidelines that we’ll cover here. Mobile or countertop credit card machine You first need to determine where your customers […]

Contactless Payment Options that Make Credit Card Checkout Safer

Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

People are now expecting the checkout process to be touchless. The concerns of health, safety, and minimizing the transmission of disease are top of mind. Consumers want to minimize what they touch when shopping. This includes touching the credit card machines.  Thankfully there are several credit card processing options to bring touchless checkout experiences. Contactless […]

The Simplest Way to Add eCommerce to your Website

Online shopping and eCommerce is quickly becoming the new normal. Consumers have started to comfortably make purchases online from their computers or mobile devices. All the large retailers have deployed online shopping. It’s imperative that the medium and smaller businesses maximize their online exposure to compete. Thankfully, adding eCommerce to your website is simple and […]

Dentists deploy contactless payments for social distancing

Dentists use contactless payments for social distancing

Patients prefer convenience, speed, and minimal contact when they pay after their dental visit. This trend, particularly minimal contact, has been slowly gaining traction for years, however, COVID 19 has accelerated this movement dramatically. Contactless payments minimizes the risk of contracting COVID 19 during the payment process for both patients and healthcare workers. Dentists are […]