The types of payments your business can accept

Types of payments your business should accept

The types of payments that people use has continually been evolving. The first form of money came about around 5000 B.C., but modern payments have evolved significantly over the past 20 years. The increase in credit card adoption is one of the biggest trends in the past couple of decades. People have been trending to […]

How Clearly Payments offers low-cost payment processing?

EMV Contactless Payments with Clearly Payments Credit Card Processing

It’s no mystery that Clearly Payments is on a mission to offer the lowest cost payment processing. It’s been written about many times and many customers have benefited from the low cost credit card processing. The questions we get frequently is how do you do it and why don’t other payment processors do it? Let’s […]

Small Business Payment Processing

Small Business Payment Processing with Clearly Payments

Small businesses make up 85% of all businesses in Canada. They are the foundation of our economy. It’s so important that small businesses get reliable facts for payment processing so they can focus on their customers. This is a guide to give some quick tips for small business payment processing. What is a small business […]

What is EMV in Payment Processing?

EMV Payment Terminal with Clearly Payments

EMV is a secure payment technology standard that is used worldwide. EMV is managed by a handful of credit card networks: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and China UnionPay. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, who were the original founders in 1994.  How can I do EMV transactions? EMV transactions are commonly thought of […]

Flexible and low cost online payments in Canada

Low cost online payment processing with Clearly Payments

Online shopping and eCommerce is growing extremely fast in Canada. It has been growing around 20% per year and 2020 has seen an explosion of growth due to COVID. Online shopping grew more than 30% in 2020. Consumers are now quite comfortable with online shopping, even to the point where people buy groceries and cars […]

Time to get a contactless payment system in Canada

Ingenico Move 5000 Payment Terminal Contactless Payment

When you pay for something at the store, it has become a relief for consumers, and the merchant, when the payment terminal supports contactless payments. Contactless payments are faster and cleaner. Both of these are critical to providing safer payments in a COVID world. From a CBC news article titled “What’s the germiest surface in a supermarket? […]

The best POS system for your business and how to choose it

POS system with mobile device by Clearly Payments

This article is about helping you get the best POS system for your business. A POS system (point-of-sale) is the software and hardware allowing a merchant to enter in product or services, calculate the itemized payment amount and taxes, accept the payment, and produce a receipt for the customer. Other functions of a good POS, […]

WordPress payment plugin

Best WordPress Plugin for Payments

WordPress is the most popular platform to manage content on websites. If you’ve chosen WordPress, you’re in good hands. Hundreds of millions of other websites run on WordPress, including websites with WordPress payments. WordPress payments and online payments are growing fast Online payments has been growing dramatically since the 1990s. With the COVID pandemic in […]

Teaser rates in Costco credit card processing

Teaser rates in credit card processing

Teaser rates are a part of marketing. Quite often they are used to acquire new customers by having a discount. For example, “join now and get 25% off for six months.” That’s a great benefit. However, sometimes those advertised teaser rates can be misleading. You will see this in many industries and certainly payment processing. […]

How much does payment processing cost?

Credit Card Processing Fees

Many businesses don’t know how much they should be paying for credit card processing. However, we can guarantee you that the average merchant is paying too much. It can make a big difference in the cash flow of your business. It’s not fun but it’s worth the time to take a few small steps to […]