How to pick the best credit card machine for your business

Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

Credit card machines, also known as payment terminals, are critical for in-person purchases. They act as the point of sale and interaction with your customer. Picking the best credit card machine comes down to a few guidelines that we’ll cover here. Mobile or countertop credit card machine You first need to determine where your customers […]

Why Credit Cards Get Declined

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It can be awkward when you’ve sold items and your customer’s credit card gets declined. The best way to deal with that situation is to have the power of knowledge. This is to provide you all the basic information you need on why credit cards get declined. Who declines a credit card First, let’s assume […]

Comparing pricing for merchant accounts vs aggregators

Merchant account vs aggregator payment pricing

There is a cost for merchants to accept credit cards. You most likely already know this. Payment processors provide the software and hardware, services around fund transfers, and customer support. In addition, payment processors take risk for giving credit to merchants during the process of accepting credit cards. One example scenario of the type of […]

Payment Processing Companies

Contactless payments are safer with Clearly Payments

Payment processing companies provide the full service to allow merchants to accept credit cards or debit cards. Some of the more advanced payment processing companies allow processing with multiple currencies, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and other progressive payment methods. Payment processing companies in the value chain There are many names that payment processors are sometimes called generically […]

Do I always need a merchant account for merchant services?

Do I need a merchant account for merchant services? Yes.

People generally think that credit card processing is new but the concept was used 200 years ago in the early 1800s. Modern plastic credit cards were not used, but financial institutions provided merchant services to extend credit to merchants. That was the start of merchant accounts. Merchant were able to provide credit to their most […]

Hotels and Lodging Get Better Payment Processing With Reopening

Hotel payment processing with Clearly Payments

The world is reopening. People are starting to explore again. People are traveling and starting to stay in hotels once again. This is great news and this reopening is a perfect time to revisit the payment processing in your hotel, motel, resort, and bed & breakfast. Credit card processing is integral to hotels Hotel, travel, […]

Payment Processing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Payment Processing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Accountants generally have a few top priorities when looking for a payment processor. This includes 1) the ability to let clients accept credit cards online, 2) the ability to send and track invoices easily, and 3) really low credit card processing rates. Let Clients Accept Credit Cards Online The most convenient way for clients to […]

Integrating Payments into B2B SaaS and Software Companies

Clearly Payments offers integrated payments for SaaS and software companies

 Online software services have been on the rise since the advent of the internet. Online services built specifically for businesses have been growing significantly since 2010. In 2020, the global pandemic, unfortunately, forced many businesses to cut in-person or physical contact. This required businesses to adapt. It created new opportunities for online businesses to emerge. […]

Payment Processing in Canada

Payment processing in Canada with Clearly Payments

Payment processing is very geographical. Each country has its own regulations with their own banking system. In Canada, any payment processor that offers a merchant account needs to be approved by the card brands they offer in that country, such as Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. In addition, each payment processor needs to have a sponsoring […]

Gross vs Net Funding in Payment Processing. You Choose.

EMV credit card with a chip for chip-and-pin transactions

When you accept payments, funds get automatically deposited into your bank. This generally happens within 3 business days. By the way, Clearly Payments deposits your funds in less than one day. The funds being deposited into your account is also called settlement. One of the options that our merchants get to choose is whether they […]